Wednesday, May 12, 2010


today i had a wonderful day if izzy can recall back. izzy went to kayL, izzy get to see my hometown had change a lot & very happy for it, izzy just finished reading my novel LOVE NEST by Julia Llewellyn & d'book is awesome delicious!!!, izzy get to see my friend NUR FADHILAH BT. HASNAWI on Astro Ria (good job for u dear!), get McD as my dinner, Malaysia won d suku akhir vs Denmark. tis all event make my live awesome today. izzy smile and smile suddenly...

izzy found out bout some1 izzy trust & love had cheated me...well kind of. it just he do something secret & dint want to tell tat secret to me. but now izzy find out tat he tell tat secret to others ppl. tat unfair izzy think. izzy feel like someone had betrayed izzy & izzy can't trust tat kind of ppl. if he can tell me tat such secret so he shouldn't be close to izzy. he shouldn't started tis relationship whatsoever. wat izzy know right now is i'm fucking mad wit him. myb he not worth it. mayb tis relationship is a lie from d'day we started it. AND I DON'T TRUST U ANYMORE SIR!!!

*p/s : dnt ever give all 100% of ur faith to someone coz 1 day he/she will betrayed u and leave u!!!


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