Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hari Ini

Location : Studio
Mood : Boring
Condition : Tired
Situation : Preparation for portfolio tmrrw.

*p/s : tolonglah jangan suka tangguh keje, bila last minute baru nak bt keje tgk sape yg susah izzy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Home Made

membuat sesuatu menggunakan air tangan sendiri....
(wish they will like it)

Glitter Graphics -

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nota Pendek

sedang berada di MELAKA.
berehat dari KUALA LUMPUR.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


see MOHD. FADZLI, one jelatek, car, LUNCH, wangsa walk, A&W, drive, utm hostel.

thanks dear!

*p/s : dont forget to call me for lunch again. ~wink~

Bestie, Couzie, Brother!

salam & hello to allz!
tis 2 days izzy gayut2 wit my bestie merangkap my couzie MOHD FADZLI! wat izzy can say is when izzy bergabung wit fadzli of coz havoc...huhuhu...we talk bout evrything like tmrw is d'end of d'day! it was bout 2-3hours chatting wit him evrytime! we will fight, laugh, laugh and laugh all day long if we meet. it is totally fun when izzy wit him! love u fadzli!

we close since izzy baby lg...gitu lah die nye rapatkan...mase zmn kanak2 dlu fadzli will be my horse and izzy akn tunggang die. i have tat pic. we both are so cute! kya! easy say, he will be there beside me when izzy need smbody, he will lend his shoulder when izzy cried n he will lend his ears to hear my stories! tats y izzy really love him. but dnt get wrong yah, for me he just my bestie, my couzie and my brother and also my enemy! huhuhu

he alwys tell me to try evrything in this world have & myb some say he give me bad influence but izzy & fadzli dnt care at all yah! he alwy said to me : be a silent bitch not a loud bitch, quiet but have power! n tat wat izzy hold to tis day! today he said smthing useful also : if u have boyfrend one day, dnt let him control ur life, make ur own rule coz he nothing to u, he not ur family for u to obey his words. i will hold to tat words couzie. thx ;P

*p/s : i'm a sosialita but i know how to take care of myself so back off if u think u can play2 wit me!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fall In Love...Again!

Salam and hye to all izzy fans...(huhuhu..izzy mule perasan kan). skrg izzy dlm mood STUDY!!! wah mcm xcaye je izzy ni study....:)

well tgk title je dah tau kan izzy nak ckp ape...yes! I fall in love again izzy ade admire someone...yes he is student and a part time photographer. izzy found out bout him in******* and totally fall in love wit him...warrrrgggghhhhhh! I just cant stop look at his picture..(hish gile meroyan ke ape ko ni izzy) but izzy scared + shame...huhuhu...shy2 cat gitu lorh. &&&& izzy found out tat he is from MELAKA also...owh jodoh kami ke tu??! huhuhu but izzy know tis feeling will go away soon coz izzy xsuke nak approach org yg izzy suke. izzy mmg ego owh part yg mcm ini. (aish rugi lg lah mcm ini) (lama dah xletak emoticon nie) tp skrg izzy tgh wisau owh kwn2 izzy dpt tahu psl my prince charming ni owh. &&& they also fall in love wit him! warrrgggghhhh apa mau buat ini...xmo2! izzy je blh suke die. xmo mcm nie.huhuhu (sah izzy dah giler!)

k lah smpi sini saje lah blog izzy ni..bye2! muaahhh!

*p/s : to my prince charming, if u read tis blog plz2 comment k! huhuhu

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