Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Something has happen to someone tat Izz luv very much n Izz hope tat he will be patient wit anything tat are and will coming to him. Izz know he mean well but it just the way he do it was wrong. Izz pray to GOD tat GOD will protect him. Just be silent when some1 said something bad bout ur family and u coz they are ur family too. Izz have feel wat he feel right now n trust me it really hard n its really hurt but life must go on. Just take tis as one of ur life experience coz it will make u a stronger person one day. Watever ppl say, Izz  still love u, MOHD. SYAFIQ.

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p/s: sometime we can’t be an outspoken person coz it will hurts many feelings and like ppl say “The Truth Is Always Hurt”

Friday, June 24, 2011


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Since Izz was born Izz hate to express my feeling to others especially my family n persons Izz luv. Izz hate to make them worried bout my being. Izz will just say I’m okay n I can move on so dont worry bout me. When my atok passed away Izz just cried in my bedroom coz Izz dont want others to be sad, when my lil bro xcident Izz cried alone coz Izz dont want my mom to be sad.

Izz as 1st child need to be strong towards my lil brothers. Need to show tat Izz cool even there many unfortunate events happen to me. even if Izz feel disappointed bout something Izz never tell others coz Izz dont want them to think tat i’m a weak person. Izz alwys tell myself if anything happen to me exp: accident or have something bad happen Izz would not tell others except if I’m goingt to dead.

But when ppl think my coolness mean i’m a person wit no hope, no future, no dream n a lazy person well they wrong. They are totally wrong. I do have feeling, I do feel sad, I do feel dissapointed but do we need to show our weakness to others? Izz just hope ppl understand tat. ask me when u want to know something n dont just accused me when u dont know nothing bout me. Its hurt when u do tat.      



p/s : Dont judge a book by its cover.

Thursday, June 23, 2011



Saya ketagih untuk membakar sesuatu n I mean baking cake and cookies!!! Really need my drugs right now so plz uncle hurry up and finish my kitchen!!!

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p/s : Izz dah collect byk resepi tok dicuba!!!


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