Monday, November 1, 2010

Hari Ku Di Syurga Ep. 2.

Salam n izz nak minta ampun sangat2 sbb dah lama xupdate blog ni…really2 neglected this blog.  Tis few day izz busy doing research for my future project (ni top secret nye project…shhh!) so mmg xsmpt lah nak pegang keyboard smua…(sedangkan mmg malas nak tekan papan huruf2 tu smua)

Opps! dah ke laut plak izz story telling nie…back to the topic, ni sambungan from previous post (Hari Ku Di Syurga Ep. 1) Izz sempat story smpi hari sabtu je kan aritu so check out the rest of my day in JOHOR:


  1. Going to SUB building to order a photoshot for convocation day. (dgn Lala)
  2. Siap2 tok ke open house. (pinjam baju meknor)
  3. 1st house was rumah cousin jiemah (sgt cute tat boy)
  4. 2nd house was Alya house at ????
  5. Afta tat send back makcik’s car to her house (apiz, lala, jiemah & ilah accompany me)
  6. Gossiping wit the gurl till midnight!!! (awesome gurlz)

semuaketot, jiemah, isti and lala


lala and me


  1. Ok hari isnin ni sgt boring coz all of them has studio for the whole day n i’m alone in meknor’s room. (owh gasping for fun!!!)
  2. So today Izz just ironing baju kurung and jubah for convocation also wash my clothes and meknor clothes (meknor u have to thanks me..:)
  3. Also watch movies with lala and dian at isti room (wayang free lah)


  1. Its my CONVOCATION DAY!!!
  2. Texting my mum to make sure they come early for the photoshot.
  3. Mandi and grooming time!
  4. WARRGGHHHH! its late and my family waiting for me outside (kene bebel wit my mum)
  5. Afta the photoshot wit my family we grab something for lunch.
  6. Doing my solat and make up time.
  7. Photographing wit my friends while waiting for our turn to walk in the hall.
  8. OH YEAH! my name is on the screen and I get my DIPLOMA certificate. (did i mention tat i cried doing this ceremony)
  9. Picture time wit all my freinds and family. (luv it)
  10. Balik to real life again. (and tat mean MELAKA) *sigh*

DSC06756me wit family

DSCN1176  me wit isti and lala


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