Tuesday, August 3, 2010


1.       Coz I still dnt found my soulmate…
2.       I dnt act like an ideal girl…(I mean I’m kinda like a tomboy & most my dearest frends are boys)
3.       I’m afraid to fall in luv…(I should blame my frends for tis coz I always see they fight wit their partner)
4.       I like being single…(so tat I can do whatever I want witout jealousy)
5.       I dnt really think bout boyfriend coz I have 3 ppl tat treat me like their gurlfrend…(thrust me…I can manje2 wit them)
6.       I’m in luv wit smone but its complicated…(I want him to be happy even tat mean we can just be frend)
7.       I’m a very selekeh gurl…(tis is wat my bro tell me & I think he has the point)
8.       I have an easy changing feeling…(tat mean if I have a crush wit someone it just for a while)
9.       I’m not a very beauty-fool gurl…(tis is wat many boys said to me & I dnt mind)
10.   I’m a very shy gurl…(if I see a guy I will immediately put my face down)

I doing tis coz my bro tell me to do it. We alwys have a fight and he alwys say “at least he has a gurlfrend not like me who is still single”. I hate it when he said tat but he alwys has a guts to do anything. His first kiss is wit his kindergarten frend. Maybe some of my frends will not believe in wat I said above like the part when I said I’m a very shy gurl. Thrust me its really true. When I’m wit my frends I’m a brave gurl but when I’m wit stranger I will be as timid as a kitten. This year I really need to find my soulmate coz I have a bet wit my BFF tat if I can find a man he has to sponsor my outing together and tats mean whatever I want to buy he will have to pay…so wish me gudluck yah!


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