Wednesday, March 9, 2011

N. 27 Merlimau Ep. 1

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Assalamualaikum (selamat sejahtera) to all bloggers out there. As u all know or dont know, last week Merlimau had a pilihan raya kecil. Izz write bout tis now coz Izz afraid tat if Izz wrote it a few week b4 d’small election some1 will hurt wit wat Izz gonna say. Izz had to hold any opinion till d’election end coz i’m working part-time wit SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya) as Kerani Penyemak Daftar Pemilih (KPDP) on d’election day.

2 weeks b4 d’election day, d’situation in Merlimau was like we gonna had a huge party here. All place was full wit all kind of flags from all kind of politic party. All homestay, motel and hotel were full. Ppl from many state came here to support their party. As a Merlimaurian, Izz think its a blest coz we Merlimaurian can take advantage from d’situation especially the shop / restaurant / house owners. All restaurants were pack wit ppl & many houses became a part time homestay if they willing to pay. Izz also can see many fool thing tat ppl did during election weeks. Family members fighting bout their political view, neighbours became enemy bcoz of politic and trust me if Izz said it our malay ppl doing tat folly act. Izz respect Chinese ppl bcoz even tough their political view are different but they can still chitchat at d’coffee shop & they not fighting! Can u all believe it?! Izz as a Malay feel very embarrassed wit my own ppls.

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The story continued…


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