Saturday, March 12, 2011

N. 27 Merlimau Ep. 2

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DSC06889Izz, B.Azahari, k.Liza & K.Ina 

Hye, today Izz will continue bout N. 27 Merlimau. D’day b4 d’election Izz going to sleep early coz Izz need to be at S.K. Merlimau at 7a.m sharp. Izz & d’other SPR need to set up the place b4 ppl come at 8a.m for election. Izz choose a “barong” far from the orang kampung house. Izz think my org kg will not come there but they did. My mum, makcik, nenek and poksu went to our barong. Saje je kan…sedangkan ade lg 1 “barong” yg lebih dekat. When they reach to our “barong” dgn muka slamba “aik xkenal ke sape dtg nie”…Uh Izz working here mom. We as SPR cannot be “mesra alam” wit the org kg coz viewer from both party will said tat we are not “berdiri di ats pagar”. Tat kind of thing also can be an issues among them.

Izz working with abg azahari ( cousin) & 2 teacher from sedari (k.liza & k.ani) sorry if i spell ur name wrongly. From there we can see how the  supporter from both party mouth fighting. the ppls of the party also want to tunjuk hero dgn polis. Wat the heck. They are all bullshit. Izz don’t like them coz they dont have any respect to police who do their job. The police have to be patient wit all the supporter attitudes. They dont have any manner just like monkey. Here Izz cannot say witch party doing tat coz it a sensitive issues. Sorry readers.

DSC06890 Anak Panah : Tempat 2 Parti Berkumpul

Afta 5p.m we SPR “bukak kedai kopi” and chitchat among us. It was so hilarious. 1 of the brother “jenis xmakan saman” he will said anything tat he want & sometime it annoying us but at the same time it make us laugh. Well to make the story short Barisan Nasional menang di Merlimau. YB baru Merlimau adalah En. Roslan Ahmad.

Last, Izz want to say thank you very very much to all abg & akak AADK, Kak Norlin, Kak Liza, Kak Ina, Abg Homestay & all pegawai SPR for a GREAT moments tat we shared. Thanks and love all of u. XOXO!



p/s: politic and its people suck! they willing to fight for rubbish. Any religion don't teach us like tat, it teach us to be good with others!


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