Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jalan2 Jumpe???

Salam to allz blogger!!!
ampun dan maaf lah to my busyuk sbb lama xupdate busyuk izzy nie...:p

last week izzy kene gi USR-MELAKA tok KO-Q izzy...(aiyo!!!)
sgt penat ok dan sgt lapau. yalah izzy kene skip lunch bagai tok bt keje smua.
tp yg besh nye izzy dpt kenal rmi kwn2 bru. kat sane izzy kenal rmi budak2 photographer (akmal jnior izzy kenal kot??!)
*akan diupdate nnt~

n then izzy gi shah alam for family gathering (kind of) kat rumah paklong. Yg ade kat sane adalah famiy izzy, family mokteh and family pakngah. Nenek pun ade kat sane gak. actually nak tengok anak buah baru "Izz Laila"
*juga akan diupdate nnt k~

actually izzy nak story bout tis one boy yg mmg awesome...(for me lah)...everyone said he is the next competitor to Justin Beiber. izzy found him in youtube while izzy boring2 search mv baru. his name is greyson chance. he dnt have any album yet but his voice is superb.

tis video taken during Edmond's Sixth Grade Festival while he sang Paparazzi by lady Gaga. So wat u think guys and gurls? N he just sign a contract wit Ellen Degeneres company! izzy really cant wait for his first album to come out.

*p/s : listening to what u waiting for by Miss Nina!


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