Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jalan2 Jumpe Bukit Pulau

Salam & hye to allz blogger!!! (mcm rmi je bace blog izzy nie)

On my last post izzy had wrote bout USR Melaka. izzy went there as urusetia aka penolong kak shida and kak murni (sorry if i'm wrong wit the spell). izzy went there for 4 days, 2-5/6. actually the program was till 7/6 but izzy asked permission from en.shahril to going back early coz on 7/6 no one can take me home. its a GREAT programe coz izzy get to know many new frendz like pieka, daya and many name to write...(actually xingat name, sorry)

So wat izzy doing there? sape nak tau angkat hidung tinggi!!!. ok2 izzy will tell yah. izzy just help kak shida packing barang, and etc. izzy get to go to SMT Melaka Tengah during an SPM Programe (ceramah and LPK i think), sightseing at Melaka (River Cruise and Menara Taming Sari)...thanks yah USR coz izzy as org Melaka jati pun xpnh naik River Cruise...hehehe...So do check out my pic there.

Kak Murni, Kak Shida, Izzy during Larian Perdana Wit Ketua Menteri

Izzy wit Member's Kelab Photo at Menara Taming Sari

 Izzy wit frendz in Gerabak Menara Taming Sari

Thanks to all the AJK, and members of USR Melaka coz u make my day even GREAT! so give urselves aplause! (clap clap clap).

*p/s : to shahir and murni (rase nye dah btl dah) sorry coz i take tis pic from ur profile witout permission. Maaf yah. 


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