Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cinta, Love, Ai, Sarangheyo…


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Salam and Hi to all human and ghost out there. Yesterday Izz dreamt bout a ghost (pontianak) look me in d’mirror. Well when Izz think bout it, it not a horror dream coz I’m not scared at all…hhhmm weird. Back to the topic, Izz know tis Monday is a Valentine day so Izz want to tell all of you the meaning of roses. Guys you need to know bout tis coz u don't want we girls misunderstood the meaning of ur gift right? So PLZ TAKE NOTE. B4 tat plz dont tell me Valentine is not a celebration for ours Muslim. I know tat already thanks u. I just want to share my knowledge to all ppl out there so tat they can use it in any day / event.


rosesource : Google

Man n boys always gift roses to their girlfrend on birthday celebration, anniversary day, or when they do something wrong. but do they really know the meaning of roses? NO! They just buy the 1st bouquet tat they see in the florist shop.  Guys plz take ur notepad and pencil coz the class start now!

  • Red : Red roses is the d’only true rose here coz meaning of rose is red. Izz think its from the yunani words. So red roses says “I love you”
  • White : Definitely  innocence and purity.
  • Pink : Shows gratitude and joy.
  • Orange : Desire. Guys if u want to take ur relationship further u must give tis roses.
  • Yellow : Means frendship so when a guy gift u girl yellow roses tat mean he just think u as his frend only.
  • Black : Death but it also mean new beginnings.

godiva-valentines-day-chocolate-gift-in-heart-shaped-box source : Google

Guys and Girls chocolate mean passion so when u combine roses and chocolate, it mean love with passion. So Izz hope now u know how to express ur love towards ur partner. There is one rose tat mean breakup but Izz dont want to tell u tat coz Izz dont want ur relationship to breakup. Love the one tat deserve ur love and stay true wit ur relationship. Amin.

sweet-couple-wallpaper_1024x768_16351 source : Google


p/s : personally, Izz don’t like roses coz Izz don’t like the smell. So plz don’t give me roses.


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