Friday, October 1, 2010

Hari Ku Di Syurga Ep. 1.

Mood : Senyum simpul
Music : Her Name Is Alice by Shinedown

Salam 1Malaysia kpd smua. Minta ampun bangat sbb dah lama xupdate blog nie. Afta raya saya jd sgt busy...(izzy plz jgn formal okeh!) Last week izzy going to jayB for my convocation day. izzy gi dari hari khamis till selasa. So check my shedule yah:


  1. Naik bas dari Melaka to Larkin at 12.30pm.
  2. Arrive at Larkin and waiting for my makcik to pick me up.
  3. Going to Stor Jubah at UTM SKudai to pick my convo jubah.~got size M yah~
  4. Sleep at my makcik house.

  1. Makcik send me to UTM Skudai at 8 o'clock for raptai.
  2. XOXOXO wit all my heartdrop frends there ~ topek, haniff, lala, meknor, isti, etc~
  3. Afta raptai lepaking at the gurls room till 3pm.
  4. Back to my makcik house.

afta raptai wit taty and my heartdrop frend topek


  1. Borrow my makcik car and drive to UTMSkudai.
  2. See topek and haniff at dewan seri alam i think.
  3. XOXOXO wit both of them coz they need to go to melaka and seremban.~sigh~
  4.  Lunch wit lala at McD.~accidentally drop lala's coke here...sorry~
  5. Back to UTMSkudai for movieng wit the gurlz.
  6. When back to makcik house wit lala to pick my clothes.~sesat lg...aiyo~
  7. Ayam penyet's dinner wit gurlz and boyz..~xoxoxo~

 a combination of boyz & gurlz

 azzim, apiz, lala, me, fendi, isti, jiemah, ilah & nor

me wit fendi, isti, jiemah and ketot @ ilah


p/s : ayam penyek sgt sedap.
     : driving is so much fun when u wit ur frends
     : take a risk even when no one believe u coz its ur life.


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