Thursday, July 15, 2010

Race / Religion / Politic, which 1??!

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Morning to all bloggerz!!!(hangguk ko morning izzy, dah tghari ni!) izzy dah lama fikir psl tittle ni. A few weeks ago when izzy hangout wit my frend steven @ steve. he call me one day & ask me to lepak2 wit him at kedai mamak di jasin. So as izzy doin nothing & tat idea sound interesting, izzy going to see him lor. he now in navy dan sgt susah okeh nak jumpe die nie. of ocz lah kan berkhidmat utk check out his pic below k...:D

sgt kuat right him..;p

so as we lepaking 2gether we exchange news bout us and also many great ideas. Steven the one come out wit 1Malaysia and race and religion. As izzy & all of u can see tis world are busy fighting for their race & religion. They said their race must have a right toward the country, they said their religion are the GREATEST. izzy & steven are fed up wit all tis fight.As far as izzy know all religion said tat we have to do good to others people. so y must we fight wit each other??! y must we destroy each other??! y we can be as 1??!

(sekadar contoh)

For ur information, since i'm a little girl i have frends not only malay but chinese and indian too. we alwys have a way to make a GREAT time together. even tough izzy xtau ckp mandarin or tamil but izzy can understant wat they say when izzy bersama mereka. pernah ade sorg budak malay said to me "dihar knape ko kwn sgt dgn budak2 cina tue, knp ko xkwn dgn budak2 melayu?" and izzy said izzy kawan dgn budak2 melayu but if tat malay boy/girl said something bad bout my chinesse and indian frends, the malay boy/girl will not be my frend anymore. izzy and frend never fight because of race, religion or political view, we fight for boys and something else k.

when izzy lepak wit steven izzy saw many eyes looking at us in sarcastic way. wat the hell. as long as i'm happy wit myself and my frendz, i dnt care wat others people said. they can said watever they one and they can hold wit all the rubbish pegangan. for izzy and frends we still hold wit our religions and still be a GOOD frends together!

*p/s : jgn gaduh kerana kaum, agama atau politik klu xnk tgk dunia ni musnah.


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