Monday, March 22, 2010

Kem Ibadat...hhhmmm

1st Day!

Izzy is so alim coz wearing baju kurung owh time kem ibadat...n then when I reach there i got bad news....warrrgghhhh no I have to walk bout half an hour?wat the heck!
Izzy walk wit zura n alya...its tiring but fun coz we laugh n laugh n laugh.
when we reach day i got news tat we will divided into team n i dnt even know my team mmbr..menci owh! huhuhu last2 izzy n frendz just ignore d'instruction n stick 2gether...kui3
program 2day are ceramah, ceramah n ceramah non stop! ceramah agama otei.
in d'nite i dnt get enough sleep coz theres lipas in my camp + there qiamulai at 4am...zzzZZZZZZ

2nd Day!

qiamulai at 4am. izzy just zzzzZZZZZ all the way till subuh...huhuhu. my body was there but not my soul. aftr subuh they give 10minutes to wash urself n changes cloth.
gotong royong TIME! but izzy dnt do anything...while my teamate clean d camp area izzy fed fishes in the pond...ala2 gadis melayu terakhir owh n then there is a quiz bout wat we learn in all d'ceramah. *hish* izzy dnt pay any attention owh..=(
back home time! but izzy ride a van while all my frends have to walk half an hour...owh pity them but izzy cant stand to walk under d'brightness of sunshine..;P
so tat all from kem ibadat...learn something izzy think.

*p/s : will upload pic lately.


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